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Vanilla Raspberry Tart

Crunchy vanilla tart shell filled with a creamy vanilla mousse and vanilla sponge cake and topped with a delicate raspberry mousse sprayed with a velvet spray

Lemon Meringue Éclair

An eclair shell filled with a creamy lemon pastry cream topped with a torched velvety italian meringue

Paris Brest

A delicate pate choux paste shell filled with a hazelnut-praline pastry cream topped with icing sugar

Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake

A decadent brownie base with a creamy Baileys Irish Cream cheesecake topped with a dollop of whipped cream

Macarons – Standard Flavours

Chocolate, Vanilla, Raspberry

Macarons – Gourmet Flavours

Baileys Irish Cream, Blueberry and Chocolate Mint

Cupcakes – Standard Flavours

Chocolate, Vanilla, Confetti

Cupcakes – Gourmet Flavours

Chai with a Cream Cheese Filling topped with a white chocolate buttercream, Chocolate Guinness with a Canadian Whiskey ganache filling topped with a chocolate buttercream, White Chocolate cupcake with a whipped white chocolate filling topped with a blueberry buttercream

Cake Batter Bar

Chewy cookie bar with chocolate chips & sprinkles (GF, contains almonds)

Sausage Roll

Pork, bacon & special seasonings in flaky pastry

Cake Pops

Various flavours

Cowgirl Cookie

Chocolate chips, oats, pecans, coconut & cereal

Sweet Scraps

Various flavours

Cinnamon Bun

With cream cheese frosting

Soft Pretzel

Topped with butter & salt

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