Was lucky enough to get some cinnamon rolls today. Amazing!! My 8 year old son said, "Ohhhh my GOSH!" with a full mouth of cinnamon roll. He doesn't get that impressed with trying new things. It's usually just a shoulder shrug and a "eh, it's ok". So his response should tell ya something. Super nice people that run it as well.

David Shuu Guidish,

Fantastic customer service! Greeted with a smile, and pleasant conversation! The cinnamon buns are to DIE for!!! So loaded with yummy yummy frosting & it's not like other places, that use the frosting to mask the dryness of the bun. It was so incredibly soft & AMAZING! The lemon bar is quite good, also! Definitely will be making my way out there, again!

Michelle Feretos,

We have loved everything we have tried. Chocolate mousse tarts were delicious! We had out of town guests who must have said wow these are amazing 10 times while eating a cinnamon bun. My husband said theirs was the first scone he'd ever had that wasn't dried out. The lemon cranberry tart is my favourite so far. The gluten-free chocolate chip cookies were good. You couldn't tell they were gluten-free as they weren't gritty like many gluten-free baked goods in other places. Looking forward to trying their buns next as I've heard great things about them!

Debbie Loveseth,

Short & Sweet Patisserie and Bakery made my wedding cake and from the cake tasting right up until the day of they were amazing! The cake was beautiful and tasted amazing- there were barely any leftovers and we had a large candy bar so I did not expect almost all of the cake to be eaten! I would highly recommend them.

Erica Bloom,